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kelly burstowKely Burstow

Lives in Brisbane, Australia

Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next, sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug. She also loves stopping for quiet moments to feel the wind on her face and adventuring with her husband and four children.

Kelly stared her blog, Be A Fun Mum, out of the desire to create, connect and share with other parents around Australia, and the world.

Be A Fun Mum Blog

The Be A Fun Mum blog was founded in July 2009.  Be A Fun Mum is about reclaiming the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world by loving the little moments and embracing life with joy.  Be A Fun Mum’s audience connects with Kelly’s blog strategy and content as seen in continuing growth in viewers and ongoing positive comments from readers.

Freelance Writing

Kelly writes in a freelance capacity for various online websites, eBooks and magazines.  Below are some of the places you can find Kelly’s work.

Kleenex Mums

Kelly contributed to the eBooks, Blogging 101 (2011) and Your Guide to Gift Giving This Christmas (2011). She’s written more than 16 posts about topics including homemade cards, saving the environment, beauty tips and parenting topics like:

Coles Online Blog

Kelly’s blog post titled The Lunch Box Monster, written for the Coles Online blog, was the most read post on that brand’s blog for 2011.

Mix Apparel -– regularly writes guest posts for the Mix Apparel fashion brand.

Brisbane Kids -– a regular ‘explore with children’ writer for this popular website.

MOPS Annual Magazine Australia 2001 (first edition) -– Be Beautiful, Inside and Out

Brands and Ambassadorship

Kelly was named as one of the 10 Blogger Ambassadors for World Vision Australia in 2012.  In this role, she highlights issues of poverty, injustice and giving in a way that’s appropriate for her audience. She also currently enjoys consulting on the Milo Play Movement.

Kelly works with many brands and work at home parents to surround their products or service with personal value. These brands include Ford, Coles, Canon, P & G, Turf Australia, Kleenex, Macleans, San Remo, Roadshow Entertainment and Disney.

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6 Responses to “About Me”

  • Comment from Louisa

    I LOVE this…and you are such a lovely, bright, blessing in my life and on my screen xx

  • Comment from Vicki

    You are amazing! There is no way I could of done all that with 4 small children.. You inspire me!
    I also love your shoes! Where did you get them?

    • Comment from Kelly

      Aren’t they gorgeous!!? I got them for a small shop in Mt Tamborine in Queensland. I went back there and they don’t sell them anymore :(

  • Comment from Bonnie

    You forgot to mention your fabulous older sister …..??

    Good on you Nell. And I love the title. You always loved Cookie Monster. And I remember singing that song with you, “C is for Cookie – it’s good enough for me!” lol

  • I love this! I didn’t know your background story, and I like it a lot. There is much about you two to inspire us all …MWAH!

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